Acquisitions & Divestments

Invest Lease provides advice regarding the optimal timing of asset purchase and / or disposal to maximise investment performance.

Strategies for reallocating capital, including identifying reinvestment opportunities are often incorporated in each appointment.

We execute investment mandates based on each client’s specific criteria including market sector, investment size, location, and investment return profile.

Successful transactions are a function of great negotiation strategy, market knowledge, and effective due diligence.

Working with the client and the required consulting group, we provide a decision-making framework addressing financial analysis, physical condition, and risk mitigation.

These factors are clearly communicated with the client’s legal team to ensure contracts are executed to meet full expectations of the investor.


Vendor Advocacy

Invest Lease can manage the entire sales process on your behalf. From selecting the most appropriate agent, to ensuring the marketing program is truly effective, we will ensure the best possible result is achieved.

Commercial real estate requires comprehensive due diligence materials to be available during the marketing campaign. Invest Lease will guide you on content and presentation to enable prospective purchasers to properly compete, thereby maximizing the potential return.


Capital Structuring

Invest Lease plays an integral role in presenting proposed investments and developments to the capital markets.

We are highly regarded by institutional lenders and alternative capital providers.

Our methodology is based on real estate fundamentals and an ability to demonstrate how additional value can be extracted from each asset.


Active Risk Management
Commercial Risk Management Framework

Real estate investment requires careful assessment of risks. Invest Lease can provide a layer of active risk management throughout any project.

If you are under resourced, and don’t want to employ full time staff across specific projects, Invest Lease can provide a solution to mitigate risk across the project and capital structure.